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Quick Tips to Choosing the Right Piano Teacher in Singapore

Practicing and learning the piano is becoming more and more popular in Singapore. Many parents are looking to enroll their children in piano lessons, yet the challenge is where do they go to find a professional and experienced piano teacher? When planning your child’s musical education there are many issues that should be considered, one of the most relevant is the selection of the piano teacher. This choice will have a very important impact on your child’s piano learning and the way they see the piano in the future. If you select the wrong piano teacher you may accidentally cause your child to develop an aversion to learning the piano. Yet there is no need to worry, if you live in the Singapore, you should be able to find a wide selection of qualified piano teachers.

If you do not know how to search for a piano teacher, or you do not understand the general costs involved, this task can be very confusing. For a popular piano teacher the rate can be quite expensive. If you find an open seat for a lesson, make sure not to choose the first piano teacher that comes into view. Different options are to ask around the area, or you may find a quality piano teacher by looking online. But remember the piano learning process takes place over a generally long period of time, possibly for many months. It’s important to make the right decision and meet a piano teacher who will have chemistry with your young student. It’s no easy task to find that special piano teacher, one that can stimulate a child’s commitment to learn. A piano teacher that can keep the student interested as well as have the skills to put together interesting and fun lessons is one that you want to work with.

Credentials and Chemistry
At first you may think that a piano teacher singapore with a box full of credentials would be a fantastic candidate. However this is not necessarily the case. Many teachers may be fully accredited with years of experience but if they do not like to work with children they may not have much long term success with your child. If you mistakenly hire this type of teacher, his style may not be one that allows a teacher-student chemistry to develop. If you find a piano teacher that is able to build confidence as well as keep the piano instructions moving towards a constructive goal, that is a great start. Just remember, for the lessons to be fun you don’t have to find a young teacher. Likewise, to find a talented piano teacher with loads of experience and certifications, don’t think the teacher has to be old.

Rates & Cost
Depending on the piano teacher, the rate of pay here in Singapore will vary greatly. The more certifications and verifiable experience, the more often you will find higher rates, as with anything in life. But these piano teachers know that these lessons, many times will go on for years. Because of this, some teachers try to offer rate decreases for prepayment and long term agreements. Do not be misled to think that just because someone has years of experience and high fees that they are a superior option. By evaluating the costs of the piano lessons, their schedule for your convenience and the way the get along with your child, you will be more able to see the picture of how this piano teacher will rank for your needs. The next step is a mini lesson.

An Intro Lesson Speaks Volumes
If you have found a prospective piano teacher, now is the time to setup an introduction lesson, a lesson of about 15-20 minutes. This intro lesson will take place at the place where the normal lessons will be conducted, either in your house or at the piano teachers’ studio. You should plan to be there to see how things go with the lesson and see how the student and the piano teacher get along. The benefits of this mini lesson are many:

Things to Look Out For:
1. This shows how the student will respond to the teacher in the learning environment
2. You can see how the teacher will interact with your child
3. If the teaching is at a studio you can inspect the piano teachers’ facilities.
4. You can learn what the teacher expects from your child

Be a Supportive Parent
Piano teachers are always looking for new students who are passionate about learning They are expecting you to do you job though also; things like making sure to be on time for lessons and ensure that the young student is up to par with his or her practices are things to keep in mind. By looking for the right teacher with discipline and keeping up on your responsibilities as a parent, your child should be very prosperous in their new piano playing learning. If you feel that the task of finding a piano teacher is somewhat daunting don’t be concerned. Here in Singapore there are many qualified piano teachers who are ready to take on new students. With all of this information you are now more equipped to make an educated choice. Good Luck!

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